Saturday, July 2, 2011


                    Four months ago my family moved to Rogersville, MO from Chicago. It was a big change but we love it here! The change from a busy city life to a rural life was surprisingly easy! I think it would be much harder to go from a rural life to a city life. Here you wake up each morning to see and hear birds singing, cows mooing, hawks soaring, and the occasional turkey playing on the playground! The nice thing is that we are not far from town but still it seems like you’re in the middle of nowhere! It is called Trinity Hills Farm it’s on 114 acres and has 7 springs, 2 ponds, and is right next to the river.  There are lots of trails and beautiful sunset views. Just going down the road out here is like a roller coaster because the roads are on the foothills of Ozark Mountains. We miss Chicago but Missouri is totally beautiful,  and…….. HEY GUYS LOOK IT’S A DEER!!!!!!!!!!    

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