Saturday, January 22, 2011

that "due to a little accident"

                      In the last post, what was described as little more than a "little accident" shall now be described as it fully deserves. It all started about a week ago, when someone said the sink was clogged. Unfortunately, that person was ignored. So when I and the little party of my younger sisters came down to do tie-dye, we set all the tie-dyed things on the floor so that the dye would set (except me and Teresa who put our things far up on shelves). Fully expecting the next morning we would come down to beautifully tie-dyed socks and shirts, let me just say that we had no such luck! A certain person at the beginning of this story should have been listened to! We came down to a partly flooded laundry room and for those tie-dyed creations except mine and Teresa's pretty much looked like runny uncolorful things the moral of the story being when some one says a sink is clogged listen to them!  :)

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